A Growing Rental Market. Guest Blogger: Julie Marks

The East Cape of Los Barriles, where Hwy 1 meets the
stunning Sea of Cortez.

Over the past 20 years, and more specific over the last 10
years, the changes that have come to this small village of
Los Barriles are quite big. Real Estate has taken off and a
certain article in Outdoor Magazine reached a large group
of people and we have officially been discovered.

What began as a tiny fishing village and drew in a small
group of windsurfers now attracts kiteboarding, Wing
foiling, hiking, Pickleball, some of the best mountain
biking to be found and seekers of pristine white sand
beaches, not to mention where it began with world class
sport fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving and the overall feel
of just being in Paradise, aka Baja. Yes, there are still
beaches tucked here and there that command an
impromptu visit certain to promote serenity and that
feeling of being the only person to have touched it’s slice
of beauty.

The rental market continues to grow and the options
available span from simple to grande and everything in between.
2020 brought us the challenges of covid, and
while the immediate tone was grim we are seeing an
interesting spike with visitors, most of which are choosing
to stay extended periods of time.
The best thing you can do when searching for a vacation
rental is to work with a property manager who will help
guide you to a home that fits most if not all of your needs.
Having options with someone that will help in this area will
alleviate frustration or misrepresentation of what you
thought you were renting.
We take pride in keeping our properties up to date and in
good repair, always clean and ready for our guests to
drop, relax, and take in all that is available here.
We welcome your visit to our site www.abajavacation.com be
amazed and full of desire, come visit us and enjoy the

Julie Marks





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