Discovering Paradise: An interview with a Beach Gear Entrepreneur

In the realm of travel, there are places that capture not just our attention, but our hearts. For
Cheryl, Los Barriles is one such destination. Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with
Cheryl, the visionary behind a beloved beach gear store that has become an integral part of the
local community. With six years of residency under her belt and a passion for enhancing visitors’
enjoyment of the pristine beaches, she shared insights into her journey, inspirations, and the
heartwarming moments that define her business.

Six years ago, Cheryl and her husband embarked on a quest for adventure, leaving behind the
confines of routine for the open road. Their destination? The southernmost reaches where
civilization meets the sea. “We came for two weeks and stayed for two months,” she reminisces
with a smile. Enthralled by the laid-back atmosphere and the promise of endless diving
opportunities, she knew she had found her winter haven.

What inspired her to start a business in this idyllic locale? For Cheryl, it was a simple observation
tinged with empathy. “I watched people come out to the beach with a towel… and run back inside,”
she explains. Therefore, the seed of her beach gear store was planted, her mission to provide
comfort and convenience to beachgoers was born.

When asked about her product selection process, Cheryl emphasized the importance of staying
true to her vision while remaining attuned to customers’ needs. “I tried to keep my focus pretty
narrow,” she shared, opting to complement rather than compete with existing offerings in the area.
From humble beginnings offering chairs and umbrellas, her business evolved organically in
response to customer demand. Yet, Cheryl remained steadfast in her commitment to providing
essentials that complemented the coastal experience, eschewing trends for timeless comfort and

What sets her beach gear store apart? “Customer service,” she declares emphatically. It’s not just
about renting equipment; it’s about creating moments of delight and going the extra mile to ensure
visitors’ enjoyment. Her anecdote of rescuing umbrellas from a gusty beach breeze epitomizes this
ethos. Going above and beyond to ensure visitors’ comfort and satisfaction is not just a business
mantra but a way of life.

As the needs of her patrons evolve, so too does her business. The recent addition of dive skins
speaks volumes about her dedication to enhancing the snorkeling experience—a testament to her
unwavering focus on facilitating the best possible adventures for her clientele.
Engagement with the local community is at the heart of Cheryl’s ethos. Through involvement in
organizations like Rotary and active participation in town events, she remains deeply rooted in the
fabric of Los Barriles, ever attuned to its pulse.

Among the myriad experiences her business has facilitated, one stands out—a poignant reunion
between a father and daughter bound by a shared love for diving. It’s these moments of connection
and joy that fuel her passion and remind her of the profound impact her work can have.
For those embarking on their maiden voyage to Los Barriles, Cheryl offers sage advice: embrace the
spirit of adventure. Whether it’s snorkeling in crystal-clear waters or exploring hidden coves, she
encourages visitors to immerse themselves fully in the magic of this coastal paradise.

In the tapestry of travel narratives, Cheryl’s story is a testament to the transformative power of
place and the enduring spirit of hospitality. Through her beach gear store, she not only equips
travelers for their adventures but also fosters moments of connection and joy—a legacy that will
endure long after the sun sets on another day in Los Barriles.

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