Yoga & Fitness

We are blessed to have a number of highly experienced yoga teachers in Los Barriles who cater to every level. From vinyasa yoga overlooking the Sea of Cortez, to restorative in a modern studio, to private sessions in your own home, Los Barriles has certainly become the center of yoga on the East Cape.

Yoga with Sarah

Yoga with Sarah offers public destination classes, online classes, and private yoga instruction. Sarah delivers experienced instruction in a fun and inspiring environment for a wide range of levels and abilities. Yoga is an embodied practice of exercise, breathing, positive thinking, and meditation that offers countless physical, mental, and emotional benefits.

Healing Winds Centro Holistico

Tehroma believes in the power of transforming physical limitations into embodied grace, strength, balance and flexibility unique to each practitioner. Her sessions are grounding, heart centered, and meditative, combining movement, stillness, and spaces in between. Each session includes: breathing, exercises, physical postures, and guided meditation based on 14 years of dedicated study and personal practice + 6 years of teaching.

Yoga Garden

Yoga Garden is a large, light, and airy studio space set in a lush garden set in the heart of Los Barriles, Baja Sur. We offer an array of yoga styles, Pilates, matwork classes, Tai Chi, and other movement modalities.