Many people have made Los Barriles their home because of the strong community spirit. It doesn’t matter what your interest, there is something for everyone. From animal rescue, to children’s programs, to health and education, or environmental protection, there are many worthy charity organizations operating in Los Barriles, and they would all welcome another set of helping hands!


Leaders2Give is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. At Leaders2Give we feel called to improve, sustain, and support the lives of people in need. We do this by raising money, donating time, and providing others the opportunity to join the movement. We endeavor to inspire, teach, and empower you to become leaders who possess the skills required to solve the problems facing society.

East Cape Recycling & Environmental Education

Recycling: Saving the planet and our precious Sea of Cortez environment one plastic container at a time! Providing the East Cape’s recycling solution for more than a decade. First Thursdays, recyclables rinsed, crushed, separated and brought to our recycling center headquarters at Baja’s Resort at East Cape. Plastic, aluminum, metal, cardboard, hardpack Styrofoam(sorry, no glass) for a DIY recycling. Tens of tons of recyclables diverted from the landfill and sent to La Paz for recycling and transport to Mexico mainland for their second life. Environmental Education: Program direction, management and primary funder to create the message regarding Mother Nature and our precious environment each summer for 125 kids during Baja Sur’s only completely free summer camp for children 6 to 12 years old.

Grupo Tortugueros Los Barriles

Grupo Tortugueros Los Barriles is a nonprofit organization that was started 10 years ago with 2 local brothers, Noe & Omar, turtle handlers rescuing, protecting & releasing these amazing Olive Ridley Sea Turtles, 2nd smallest of 7 Sea Turtles. While both working full time jobs they dedicate & volunteer their spare time & with permits to collect the eggs & for the concession to build the nursery Omar & Noe look for nests along our beach from La Ribera to just north of the turtle nursery. They reconstruct the nest in the nursery & data the number of eggs, the date it was collected, number the nest & expected date of hatching (45 days). Season starts from about June through November. Olive Ridley females will lay up to 100 eggs & can nest 3-4 clutches per season. They weigh up to 125 lbs & grow approximately 2-2 1/2 ft., maturity is 12-15 years, they are omnivores eating algae, seaweed/grass, jellyfish, & crustaceans. As a small operation & as natural as possible these 2 brothers make it possible during peak time to do morning releases in front of the nursery. And with a team of 6 more volunteers, for about 5-6 years, we help them out at the nursery & also at the community market with a stall “Turtlely Cool” – everything turtles & more, of hand crafted items for donations. To date approximately 350,000 + turtle hatchlings have been released, all thanks to Omar & Noe, “Turtlely Cool” brothers.

East Cape Guild

We make education accessible for deserving East Cape students through scholarships funded by donations and fundraising events.

Cortez Rescue & Outreach

Cortez Rescue & Outreach (CR) is a non-profit humanitarian organization based in Las Cuevas and Los Barriles. CR promotes responsible pet ownership, and rescues mistreated and abandoned dogs and puppies. There are many opportunities to volunteer- walking/socializing dogs at the rescue, helping with marketing & education, fostering, adopting, or serving as an escort to fly dogs & puppies to the US & Canada.

Club Rotario Los Barriles

Club Rotario Los Barriles is a divers group of Rotarians who work closely with our community residents, leaders, government officials, and other international Rotary Clubs to help make our East Cape community a better place to live. We focus on three areas: improved community health care, education, and community development focus on the youth of the East Cape.

Crescent Moon Project

Crescent Moon is a project created to help children to express themselves peacefully through arts, culture, and language. We are also looking to address the lack of cultural activities available for children after school.

Caps for cancer baja

We are a group of volunteers who make caps and blankets from yarn for orphanages, adults and children with cancer and CRET a rehabilitation center.

SNAP- Spay, Neuter & Prevention

SNAP recognizes that at the core of animal homelessness, suffering, and neglect is overpopulation and simply too many unwanted animals. SNAP provides Mexican pet owners free spay and neuter services for their dogs and cats. SNAP believes that only true change can take place with the education of youth and are taking the responsible pet ownership and care of family pets to the school age children.

Friends Supporting Families

The mission of friends supporting families is to serve the Los Barriles community by raising funds to provide basic need to local families.