Off Road Excursions

Baja was made for off-road racing, and is the home of the famous Baja 1000. Spend just an hour in town and you will see that many of the locals use off-road vehicles to get around. There are a number of trails that can take you into the mountains or up the arroyos, where you can see waterfalls, caves, mango trees, and find off-the-beaten-track bars and restaurants. (Remember that it is not legal to drive on the beach).

Captain Baja

Single to multiday tours in Baja Sur featuring KTM dirtbikes and Polaris RZRs from pristine beaches to the tops of the Sierra Mtns. Unforgettable experience – miles of smiles – all inclusive


Planning a trip to Los Barriles? If so, there’s no need to rent a car! On the back of a Quadgirl ATV, you can ride desert trails, explore hidden coves, discover majestic waterfalls, or just ride around town.

Sergio's ATV Rental

We offer ATV rentals & tours, long term and short term rentals, waterfall tours, snorkel, and more.