Horseback Riding

Mexico loves its horses! There’s nothing better than riding on the beach as the sun comes up, or if you’re lucky, riding your horse right into the sea. From beginners to advanced riders, from couples, to groups of friends, to entire families, our cowboys are able to cater to everyone.

Cuadra San Alberto

What could be more enjoyable than riding a horse along the beach? Located in Los Barriles near the arroyo, Betto has beautiful horses that are well cared for and a pleasure to ride! Whether you’re a family looking for a day of fun or friends in search of a once in a lifetime experience, Cuadra San Alberto is an absolute must when visiting Los Barriles.

Baja's Awesome Beach Rides

From rescue horses to awesome riding horses, this extended family herd of beloved horses has made us proud and helped us become TripAdvisor’s #1 rated riding company. Our awesome manager Cowboy Felix is passionate about horses, about his riding clients whether it’s the first time in the saddle or experienced riders doing a galloping ride on the beach or swimming in the Sea of Cortez. All ages, shapes and sizes, Baja’s Awesome Beach Rides welcomes you aboard! Giddy Up!