Diving & Snorkeling

Jacques Cousteau once called the Sea of Cortez ‘the world’s aquarium’. While Cabo Pulmo is famed for its plentiful bounty of stunning fish, you can share the water with schools of fish, rays, turtles, and dolphins and explore magnificent coral reefs filled with sea urchins, starfish, and more, right off the many beaches to the north and the south of Los Barriles. The reef at Punta Pescadero is a firm favorite of the locals. Friendly guides are happy to take you to their favorite spots so you can enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

Vela Baja

Activities – Kiteboarding, windsurfing, foiling, mountain bike, SUP, kayak. Freedive lessons and rentals. Full vacation packages including accommodation and airport transfer. On site shop.

Baja’s Awesome Whales & Dolphins

Look! There it is! Did you see the spout? It’s a humpback! It’s breaching! And it has a baby! Even the baby is breaching! And there are dolphin all around us and jumping in the bow wake! This is awesome! It’s awesome indeed to be on the Sea of Cortez and in the midst of the incredible humpback whale.  Travel 25 miles north along the spine of mountains to a remote, azure bay, stop and snorkel, go into the Gran Sueno for lunch. Even add a little fishing if you’d like. All the while, basking in your whale experience. Perfect for multi-generations, families, friends, – this will be the best day ever on Jacques Cousteau’s World Aquarium.

Baja’s Awesome Beach Activities

For awesome Baja fun, you’ve come to the right place! Get around town on our affordable, Baja-style Golf Carts, or zip up the coast or up the arroyo. Two, four or even more, bring a picnic to the beach, cruise to the grocery or just to coffee. Let us set you up for a snorkel day at the beach! Mask, fins, snorkel, blanket, umbrella…you’re set! But you might need a paddle board or kayak, and we have those, too! How about rediscovering your childhood self on an ebike? You will want to ride into the sunset. Be Awesome! Make your days awesome and full of fun activities with Baja’s Awesome!